Böhler Steuerungen has a long experience in the management of large projects and has all the skills and capacities required to act also as a general contractor entrusted with the achievement of overall solutions, beyond the management of the sole electrical engineering part.

On the customer’s request, Böhler Steuerungen – in association with its partners – can also take full charge of the mechanical and plant engineering aspect. As a general contractor, Böhler Steuerungen ensures the full scope ranging from design/engineering, through manufacture and plant start-up up to the commissioning of turnkey systems.

And, of course, our scope of services also includes project management along with the coordination of all suppliers and the final CE compliance statement for the overall plant supplied.

As our approach substantially reduces the number of project interfaces, our general contracting service gives our customers a decisive advantage.

”Our software is the brainchild of our engineers and programmers.”